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Product Specifications

Product presentation

G2 - 140W
LED street lamp 140W Projections G2 140W

Product applications

Motorways, highways, roads, parking lots.

Product description

G2 LED street light is a particularly flexible product suitable for replacing sodium HPS or mercury lamps ranging from 150 to 250W in many situations.

Product features

  • High performance LED NICHIA
  • Great uniformity and light efficiency
  • Elegant and slim design
  • High technology that integrates dissipation system,
  • Long life (> 50.000 h)
  • reflector, lens and radiating power circuit

Product specifics

Technical specifications
Voltage/Frequency 200~240V(AC)/50~60Hz
Consumption 140W ± 10%
Light flow > 10.000 lm
Colour temperature 3.500 - 5.100 K
Light efficiency > 80 lm/W
Output colour index (CRI) > 70
Use temperature -20°C ~ 50°C
Use humidity 20% ~ 80% RH
Duration* > 50.000 hrs
Dimensions (mm) 620 x 295 x 87
Weight (Kg) 11.2
Protection index IP65
Recommended height (mt) 6/9
RoHS - CE - UL Compliant

* It maintains more than 70% of the initial light

Product Lux

G2 - 140W Average illumination (Lux)
Height: 7m 8m 9m
Distance: 26m 17 17 16
Distance: 28m 15 15 14
Distance: 30m 14 13 12

Product photometric data

Photometric data
Photometry G2 140W
Photometry G2 140W
The light distribution curve varies according to the optics

Application sample

Lighting schema G2 140W

Product datasheet

  • EFS096K54G2   96W street lamp
  • EFS140K54G2   140W street lamp
G2 140W
  • The use of LED lamps can save 30% to 75% energy compared to other lamps of equal brightness
  • The extreme directionality of LED technology contributes to the final resolution of light pollution
  • The life cycle of more than 50,000 hours favors a drastic reduction of operating costs
  • Carecaled lamps provide surprising levels of light uniformity and energy efficiency
  • Start up time and maximum light delivery is measured in milliseconds as for the time of re-ignition
  • Light diffusion decay, compared to previous technologies, is very low
Data sheet image G2 140W