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Designing a good lighting system is not only important for energy saving, but also for visual quality and comfort. LED technology has revolutionised these issues by introducing a new concept of energy saving, and the standard idea of lighting. To achieve the goal of energy saving not only we have to save energy in our daily life, but we also have to make use of all new available green technologies.

Light installations

LED lighting is ideal for both public and civilian applications, its benefits are so many that it can it can be applied to any kind of installation ensuring consistent energy saving.
Private homes, offices, industrial buildings and streets are amongst the main settings for the lighting we supply.

What changes from bulbs to leds

LED light vs. incandescent bulbs
Unlike the old incandescent bulbs, LEDs have no filament or fragile glass tubes, their maintenance need is close to zero. Their life cycle, color rendering and quality of light are consistently higher than the old light bulbs, with a much lower impact on the environment.