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Product Specifications

Product presentation

Spotlight 60W
60W LED technology Projector Projections Spotlight 60W

Product applications

Lighting system for professional applications, sports facilities, harbours, parking areas, public and theme parks, camping grounds and generally any lighting systems in which low voltage and portability are requested. Indoor lighting, shopping malls, shops, hotels, cinemas and clubs. Outdoor illumination for buildings, monuments and churches. Illumination of industrial buildings, assembly lines, production and quality control. Accessory applications for the automotive industry, lighting for industrial buildings, working and emergency lamps.

Product description

Spotlight are a high efficiency, long lasting LED lighting systems, IP65 certified, used for countless applications. With a life cycle of up to 35,000 hours, low maintenance and replacement cost, low power absorption, these Spotlight offer a consistent energy saving plan. The reduced emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and the absence of hazardous substances, such mercury and lead, contribute to environmental safeguard.

Product features

  • Light beam with 30° and 60° opening angle
  • High color rendering and great uniformity
  • Absence of toxic substances
  • Heat dissipation system
  • Easy installation and economic management
  • Great flexibility of use and long life (> 35.000 h)

Product specifics

Technical specifications
Voltage/Frequency 100 - 240V
Consumption 76W
Light flow 2.700lm WW - 3.800lm CW
Colour temperature 3000K - 6000K
Output colour index > 80 WW > 75 CW
Light beam 30° - 60° optional
Use temperature -20°C ~ 40°C
Duration* 35.000 hrs
Dimension (mm) 405x305x135
Weight (Kg) 7.5
Protection index IP65
RoHS - CE - UL Compliant

* It maintains more than 70% of the initial light

Product photometric data

Photometric data
Photometry Spotlight 60W
 CW 30°
 WW 30°
Photometry Spotlight 60W
 CW 60°
 WW 60°

Application sample

Lighting schema Spotlight 30W

Product datasheet

  • EGP060K30SLD30   60W LED projector - WW - 30°
  • EGP060K30SLD60   60W LED projector - WW - 60°
  • EGP060K60SLD30   60W LED projector - CW - 30°
  • EGP060K60SLD60   60W LED projector - CW - 60°
Spotlight 60W
  • Energy savings between 50% and 80%
  • Available with 30° and 60° light beam, warm and cool light emission
  • Ideal for frequent on/off applications
  • Designed to be installed on any type of support
  • Low voltage supply
  • IP65 Protection Index, suitable for outdoor use
  • Life cycle higher than 35.000 hours
  • The absence of toxic substances such as mercury and lead as well as the low power consumption contribute to environment safeguard
Data sheet image Spotlight 60W