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Product Specifications

Product presentation

LED Module Projections zeligHT-24

Product applications

Lighting system for professional sports facilities, large outdoor areas, parking areas, harbours and airports.
Illumination of industrial buildings, assembly lines, production and quality control.
Shops, shopping malls, hotels, cinemas and discotheques.
Lighting systems for public street and pedestrian, monuments and churches.

Product description

ZeligHT-24 is the latest IP67 certified modular lighting system used for countless applications. Thanks to its various optics, the system combines energy savings and flexibility application with extreme easy installation.
The cooling system ensures a life cycle of more than 60,000 hours also with night temperatures above 50 °C.
The wide range of products facilitates the design of lighting systems for different uses, even extreme, such as lighting from great heights and sports facilities.

Product specification

Technical specifications
LED Manufacturer Nichia
LED Number 24
Consumption 51,5-60 W
Milliampere 700-800 mA
Light flow > 6150-6790 lm*
Colour temperature 3000-5000 K
Output colour index (CRI) > 70
Operating temperature -20°C~50°C
Operating humidity 10%~85% RH
Duration (L70 - T 25°C)** > 60,000 h
Dimension (mm) 290 x 77 x 57
Weight (g) 560
Salt Spray Test (IEC 68-2-11) 720 hours
Protection index IP67
Safety class Class III
Protection againts impacts IK08
RoHS - CE - UL Compliant

* Sport optics
** Maintains over 70% of the initial light

Product application

Application examples
Application examples for zeligHT-24

Product datasheet

  • Energy saving up to 75%
  • The different optics available provide great flexibility in orientation and beam design (available in different colour temperatures)
  • Modular use (low, medium and high power systems may be obtained by installing multiple modules)
  • Designed to be installed on any type of support
  • Low voltage supply
  • Wide range of power supply for electric system’s connection, available for single or multiple installation of the modules
  • IP67 certified for outdoor use
  • Life cycle higher than 60,000 hours (after 60,000 hours the module mantains 70% of declared performances
Data sheet image ZeligHT-24