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Product Specifications

Product presentation

T-Bar DL Turbo
31W and 37W LED recessed lamps Projections T-Bar DL Turbo

Product applications

Factories, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, banks, museums, schools, libraries, offices and shops.

Product description

The T-BAR Turbo DL are part of a generation of highly innovative lighting systems. The prismatic Plexiglass diffuser creates glare free, uniform and comfortable light, perfectly suitable to illuminate any professional environment. Easy to install, are ideal to replace traditional ceiling lights in a few minutes.

Product features

  • High performance NICHIA LED
  • Excellent shielding
  • Great uniformity and light efficiency
  • Great flexibility of use and long life (>50,000 h)

Product specifics

Technical specifications
Voltage/Frequency 110~240V(AC)/50~60Hz
Consumption 31W/37W ± 10%
Light flow >2,400lm WW - >3,000lm CW
Colour temperature 2,700/6,000 ± 10% K
Light efficiency >65lm/W WW >79lm/W CW
Output colour index CRI > 80 WW - CRI > 75 CW
Use temperature -20°C ~ 40°C
Use humidity 10% ~ 85% RH
Duration* > 50,000 hrs
Weight (Kg) 4.6
Protection index IP20
Recommended height 2.5/3 m
RoHS - CE - UL Compliant

* It maintains more than 70% of the initial light

Product Lux

T-Bar 31W WW Average illumination (Lux)
Height: 2.6m 3m 3.4m
Distance: 1.8m 530 509 487
Distance: 2.4m 292 277 263
Distance: 3m 192 181 171

Product Lux

T-Bar 37W WW Average illumination (Lux)
Height: 2.6m 3m 3.4m
Distance: 1.8m 651 626 602
Distance: 2.4m 358 341 325
Distance: 3m 236 222 211

Product photometric data

Photometric data
Photometry T-Bar DL Turbo
Photometry T-Bar DL Turbo

Product Lux

T-Bar 31W CW Average illumination (Lux)
Height: 2.6m 3m 3.4m
Distance: 1.8m 606 581 557
Distance: 2.4m 334 317 301
Distance: 3m 220 207 196

Product Lux

T-Bar 37W CW Average illumination (Lux)
Height: 2.6m 3m 3.4m
Distance: 1.8m 775 747 717
Distance: 2.4m 427 406 387
Distance: 3m 281 265 251

Product datasheet

  • EFP031K35TBD2X2     31W WW LED recessed downlight
  • EFP038K35TBD2X2     37W WW LED recessed downlight
  • EFP031K50TBD2X2     31W CW LED recessed downlight
  • EFP038K50TBD2X2     37W CW LED recessed downlight
  • The use of LED lamps can save 50% to 85% energy compared to other lamps of equal brightness
  • The lack of UVA and UVB ray prevents damage to photosensitive materials and reflector stain
  • The reduced heat emission allows for easier temperature management of the lit room
  • When compared with traditional technologies, LED lamps have a much longer life cycle, thus ensuring lower maintenance costs and limited production of waste
  • The absence of toxic substances such as mercury and lead and low power consumption contribute to environment safeguard
Data sheet image T-Bar DL Turbo