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Panel Light FLAT50
50W LED recessed lamp Projections Panel Light FLAT50

Product applications

Shopping centers, offices, hotels, banks, airports, warehouses, hospitals, museum, schools.

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Video T-bar replacement
This video shows how you can save 60%power just changing the lamps in your office, school, hospital. In this case 120 units of 4x18W neon lamps ...
Video T-bar replacement
Power saving over 55% ... LED neon energy saving bulb lamp tech electronic pollution office hospital nature ecology illumination indoor spot ...

Product datasheet

  • EGP050K60PL     Panel Light FLAT50 - 50W K60
  • EGP050K40PL     Panel Light FLAT50 - 50W K40
  • The use of LED lamps can save 30% to 75% energy compared to other lamps of equal brightness
  • The lack of UVA and UVB ray prevents damage to photosensitive materials and reflector stain
  • The reduced heat emission allows for easier temperature management of the lit room
  • When compared with traditional technologies, LED lamps have a much longer life cycle, thus ensuring lower maintenance costs and limited production of waste
  • The absence of toxic substances such as mercury and lead and low power consumption contribute to environment safeguard
Data sheet image Panel Light FLAT50