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Product Specifications

Product presentation

E27 7W
7W LED light bulb E27 7W Projections

Product applications

Offices, hotels, banks, shops, hospitals, museum, schools and homes.

Product description

E27 7W LED technology is the real alternative to 60/70W traditional light bulbs. Low power consumption, wide beam, the most efficient heat dissipation and durability guarantee energy savings between 80 and 90% compared to traditional halogen bulbs. It creates uniform light, suitable to comfortably illuminate public, work and home spaces. Available in warm, neutral and cold white.

Product features

  • Anodized aluminium body
  • Available with warm, neutral and cold light emission
  • Polycarbonate protection diffuser
  • Standard E27 engagement system
  • Light beam with 180° opening angle
  • Great flexibility of use and long life (>50.000 h)

Product specifics

Technical specifications
Voltage 90V/240V(AC)
Consumption 7,5W ± 10%
Light flow > 400 lm
Colour temperature WW 2.600 - 3.700 ± 10% K
Colour temperature ML 3.700 - 5.000 ± 10% K
Colour temperature CW 5.000 - 7.000 ± 10% K
Use temperature -40°C ~ 60°C
Use humidity 10% ~ 85% RH
Duration* > 50.000 hrs
Dimensions (mm) 56 x 107
Weight (g) 116
RoHS - CE - UL Compliant

* It maintains more than 70% of the initial light

Product Lux

E27 7W Average illumination (Lux)
Height: 1 m Light beam Lux Colour temp.
Warm white 180° 86 3000K ± 10%
Moon light 180° 89 4000K ± 10%
Cool white 180° 92 6000K ± 10%

Product photometric data

Photometric data
E27 7W Photometry

Application sample

E27 7W led light bulb

Product datasheet

  • EFR007K30E27   E27 7W light bulb - 180° - 3000K
  • EFR007K60E27   E27 7W light bulb - 180° - 6000K
  • EFR007K40E27   E27 7W light bulb - 180° - 4000K
E27 7W
  • The use of LED lamps can save up to 90% energy compared to other lamps of equal brightness
  • The extraordinary performance and the lack of flickering ensure natural colours and high visual comfort
  • The lack of UVA and UVB ray prevents damage to photosensitive materials and reflector stain
  • The reduced heat emission allows for easier temperature management of the lit room
  • When compared with traditional technologies, LED lamps have a much longer life cycle, thus ensuring lower maintenance costs and limited production of waste
  • The absence of toxic substances such as mercury and lead and low power consumption contribute to environment safeguard
E27 7W data sheet image