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Product Specifications

Product presentation

E14 Candle
3W LED light bulb E14 Candle Projections

Product applications

Hotels, restaurants, shops and homes.

Product description

Candle Light E14 is a 3W LED bulb which holds energy savings, lighting efficiency and design into one single product. The peculiar lens shape allows to generate a particularly pleasant light output, very similar to the one of the old E14 20/25W incandescent light bulbs which the LED candle aims to replace. The luminous flux emission is at 360° while the color rendering index is 85 for cool white version and 92 for warm white. Candle Light E14 is ideal for table lamps, chandeliers and wall lights.

Product features

  • Anodized aluminium body
  • Available with warm and cold light emission
  • Glass protection diffuser
  • Standard E14 engagement system
  • 360° light beam opening angle
  • Great flexibility of use and long life (>40.000 h)

Product specifics

Technical specifications
Voltage 90V/240V (AC)
Consumption 3W ± 10%
Light flow > 180/230 lm
Colour temperature 2.800/5.500 ± 10% K
Colour Rendering Index 91.7/85
Use temperature -30°C ~ 60°C
Use humidity 10% ~ 85 RH
Duration* > 40.000 hrs
Dimensions (mm) 37 x 138
Weight (g) 60
RoHS - CE - UL Compliant

* It maintains more than 70% of the initial light

Product Lux

E14 Candle Average illumination (Lux)
Height: 1-2 m Light beam Lux 1m Lux 2m Colour temp.
Warm white 360° 103 36 2.800K ± 10%
Cool white 360° 112 39 5.500K ± 10%

Application sample

E14 Candle led light bulb

Product datasheet

  • EYR003K30E14CL   E14 3W light bulb - 360° - 2.800K
  • EYR003K60E14CL   E14 3W light bulb - 360° - 5.500K
E14 Candle
  • The use of LED lamps can save up to 90% energy compared to other lamps of equal brightness
  • The lack of UVA and UVB ray prevents damage to photosensitive materials and reflector stain
  • The reduced heat emission allows for easier temperature management of the lit room
  • When compared with traditional technologies, LED lamps have a much longer life cycle, thus ensuring lower maintenance costs and limited production of waste
  • The absence of toxic substances such as mercury and lead and low power consumption contribute to environment safeguard
E14 Candle data sheet image