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About Careca

Careca Group
Careca Group was founded in Italy in 1993 as manufacturer and distributor of innovative solutions within the Information Technology field, with a particular propension to specialize on specific markets areas, so as to provide professional integrated high quality solutions with a penchant for environment care. The Group consists of 5 different companies performing in 3 different Countries distributed in two continents.

Hamlet is a brand leader in the manufacturing of Telecommunication and Networking solutions. Distributed in Italy since 1995, Hamlet products feature extremely advanced technology and reliability. Hamlet main commercial partners have always been of National level and today Hamlet boasts the best IT distributors as established direct and indirect clientele. Hamlet International co. Ltd is a joint stock company based in Taiwan working within the telecommunication field for more than 15 years.

E4® Computer Engineering SpA was founded in 2002 by a group of experienced professionals from the IT industry and specializes in the manufacturing of medium and high-end high performance IT systems; Workstation, Server, HPC/HA cluster, Storage, SAN, addressed to industry trade as well as computing and scientific research centres. From revisiting traditional manufacturing procedures to the innovative and elaborate software to configure systems on line, up to an excellent pre and post sales assistance, every single detail has been studied to meet the market requirements at outstanding levels and this care for details has made the Company one of the most important European players in the Technology field. E4 has been awarded by Intel “Number 1 Channel Server in Southern European Union Region” for three years running. E4 Computer Engineering is also partner with some of the most prestigious international brands.

Exagerate was founded as Hamlet International Ltd’s answer to the ever growing demand for IT accessories in the electronics consumer field. Exagerate implements the Hamlet’s traditional range of Telecommunications’ and Networking devices, by offering a wide range of Notebook’s accessories suitable for work and leisure.

Carecaled is the division of Careca Group that focuses on research, development and distribution of innovative, energy saving, environmentally sustainable technology products. Particularly concerned about environmental issues, with Carecaled, Careca group intends to actively contribute to use the latest LED technology to improve life quality, ensuring environmental safeguard while optimizing investments.