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Office lighting

Private lighting

The strong eco-friendly footprint of LED technology does not only apply to public installations, both commercial activities and private homes may obtain real benefits while doing something important for the environment.

With an outstanding number of installations up its sleeve, Carecaled has managed to combine energy saving solutions with comfortable, scenic and sustainable lighting. This is because we believe that lighting, in both residential and commercial environments, plays a vital role.

Shops and showrooms need to show their products looking their best in order to valorise them. A well-designed LED lighting system can create visual solutions that enhance merchandise without deteriorating their quality with undesired infrared and ultraviolet rays.

Comfort and productivity in offices and work environments may also be improved by creating a lighting system that provides bright and even light without generating heat.

The ever increasing attention to energy saving and cost reduction that this technology offers brought Carecaled to select LED lighting as the essential feature to its strategy. Amongst its objective Carecaled has set the creation of products with increased lighting quality with a particular eye on energy savings.