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Project Specifications

Project presentation

Installation Tennis court
Project name Tennis court "Tribune"
Buyer Tennis Club Triestino
Type of lamps ZHT4
The Tennis Club Triestino (founded in 1898) has recently opened a brand new indoor tennis court structure, by choosing LED technology for an innovative lighting system. Carecaled has designed and realized this system by using 20 ZHT4 LED lamps with T3-type optics.

Special optics "Tennis" by Carecaled have been used to manage the glare and to illuminate the court in a very uniform way. These optics are strongly asymmetric allowing to achieve a considerable playability during tennis matches, with an average lighting of 292 Lux.

This project allows to gain more than 60% of energy saving when compared to traditional technologies, while achieving a higher level of illumination.

Carecaled technology has a duration of 50,000 hours with maintenance costs virtually inexistent, that means nearly 20 years of use for this type of installation.