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Project Specifications

Project presentation

Installation of 2 indoor tennis courts
Project name Indoor tennis courts
Client Cooperativa Azzurra Scandiano
Type of lamps ZHT4

The recent installation by Carecaled for Cooperativa Azzurra involves the illumination of two adjacent tennis courts with LED lighting technology. The project has been realized using 52 ZHT4 lamps with "Tennis" type T3 optics, which allow a perfect fields illumination.

The new installation replaced the previous 36 400W halide lamps, which loaded the cooperative with a total power consumption of 14400W, with 52 108W LED lamps by Carecaled reducing energy consumption and therefore costs up to 5616W, allowing over 60% savings.

The high quality of the game is guaranteed by an average lighting greater than 320 lux, which makes each area of the field well-lit without the glare typical of traditional lamps. In fact, the values of light uniformity measured on the ground are even higher than 0.92 (Emed/Emin), making this facility absolutely modern and cutting-edge.