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Project Specifications

Project presentation

Installation of outdoor tennis court
Project name Outdoor tennis court
Client Sporting Club Sassuolo asd
Type of lamps ZeligHT-24 with Forty-All System

Carecaled was commissioned by the Sporting Club Sassuolo to realize a lighting installation that, using the infrastructure already present on the playing field, would allow to carry out professional tennis activities and national and international tournaments. To get the approval by the F.I.T. (Italian Tennis Federation), an average illumination greater than 500 lux was required.

To meet this requirement, Carecaled realized the new Forty-All system. A modular system that allows to adjust the amount and the power of light (and consequently also the power consumption) depending on the activity carried out. Therefore 80 ZeligHT-24 LED technology modules, distributed on 4 poles already present on the outdoor central court, were used in order to have 20 racks each made up of 4 modules.

The result was much higher than the minimum requirements, having obtained an average illumination above 600 lux against a consumption of only 4,320W.