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Installation of 6 indoor tennis courts
Project name Indoor tennis courts
Client Tennis Club Zetadue Modena
Type of lamps ZeligHT-24 Modular System

Carecaled replaced all light fittings of 6 indoor courts of Zetadue Tennis Club in Modena over three years. The installation is approved by Federtennis for A2 League. The original metal-halide lamps were replaced with the latest ZeligHT technology. In this case it was decided to have a minimum of 300 lux on the measurement points with a light uniformity higher than federal standards.

Each field saves 75% of energy compared to the same solution realized with HID lamps.

The Carecaled technology ensures immediate 100% light illumination, an excellent glare control, the drastic reduction in maintenance costs for many years, the total absence of UV rays and a color rendering higher than market average.

The payback is expected in about three years.