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Project Specifications

Project presentation

Installation double tennis court
Project name Double tennis court
Buyer Tennis Club of Albinea
Type of lamps ZHT4-D

The Italian champion "Tennis Club Albinea", decided to illuminate two of its tennis courts using Carecaled LED technology.

The goal was to achieve even lighting, power saving and to create a light fixture that would work all year round, with and without the dome. Carecaled was able to offer all the experience gained with its several projects, not all in the sport field, where excellent results in terms of energy saving and quality of light were reached.

To solve this problem an “American” type structure was placed in the middle of the two courts with n° 40 ZHT4 Modules, 20 for each court, using a combination of highly asymmetric optics, T3 and 45° round spot to illuminate evenly the whole court.

The "American" structure can be easily lowered to facilitate the dome removal and does not need to be dismantled but can be used both for summer and winter season.

The total consumption of the two courts is less than 4.800Wh, while the average luminance is greater than 350 Lux.

Due to the modules positioning and type of optics used the level of playability is ideal. The Glare Restriction value is excellent, GR < 37*, so important when practicing sports like tennis.

Other advantages are represented as follows: no need for maintenance for several years, the employment of green materials, total absence of hazardous substances such as mercury, lead, cadmium, UVA and UVB emissions and immediate light up.

*Glare Restriction determines the max optical interference value generated by the system, (UNI 9316). This GR value has not to be superior to 50.