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Installation squash court
Project name Squash court, Multisport Center
Buyer Beriv
Type of lamps ZHT4
After testing the efficacy of led technology the Multisport Centre of Reggio Emilia decided to replace the 30 58W fluorescent tubes, that illuminated the squash court n. 1, with Carecaled ZHT4.

The ground illumination of the previous installation was over 800 Lux but the power consumption greater than 2100 Wh. By adopting the latest Carecaled technology, the squash court n. 1 now consumes less than 900 Wh, while steadily maintaining 800 Lux on the ground as well improving light uniformity.

The saving cost calculated, based on a daily usage of 10 hours, is 60%, over 100€ per month. Amongst the advantages of LED technology are the extremely low maintenance, the absence of harmful substances (Mercury, Lead, Cadmium), the total absence of UVA and UVB emissions and the extraordinary light uniformity.

Another huge advantage of Carecaled technology is the instant switch on, also when the lamps are hot, while traditional technologies require a long switching on time.