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Installation Scintille
Project name Clothing store Scintille in Padova
Buyer Scintille
Type of lamps Confort11
Many are the elements that lighting designer has to take into consideration when planning a shop. Power consumption, visual comfort, merchandise visibility, colour rendering, overheating etc. In this case, for Scintille (clothes store in Padova), was decided to replace its 40 11W CFL lamps with 25 Confort11 LED lamps.

The result has been greater than expected! Over 60% energy saving and over 60% light efficiency improvement. With a very high colour rendering index (CRI>94) Confort11 finally created a high quality, vivid and bright light which allowed customers to enjoy garments as if they were displayed in sunlight.

In comparison with the previous light settings Confort11 also loweres the need of cooling during the hot season as it emits very low heat.