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Installation Recup Italia
Project name Green Data Center
Buyer Recup Italia
Type of lamps T-Bar
In Italy booking medical services means bureaucracy and long waits, but every modern society needs to have efficient and fast services for its citizen. Recup Italia is a company based on Pomezia (Roma) and it decided to meet this challenge by realizing a system for improving medical services booking times for people living in Lazio.

For developing such complex system, Recup Italia relied on E4 Computer Engineering for IT systems, on Rittal as leader company in realizing data centers, on Carecaled for designing a low consumption LED lighting system. This cooperation allowed to create a green data center which power consumption for the total surface of 100 square meters is only 250 KW.

Carecaled lighting technology allows reducing power consumption up to 70%, as well as maintenance and management costs. LED lighting is a green technology with low heat emission, without UVA and UVB, free from mercury and other dangerous or toxic substances. Moreover the light provided by LED lamps is clean, uniform, with no flicker and no glare.