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Project Specifications

Project presentation

Installation Mercatone Uno
Project name Mercatone Uno store in Bari
Buyer Mercatone Uno
Type of lamps HB1
By adopting the latest Carecaled technology, Mercatone Uno has decided to illuminate its new store recently opened at the “Barimax” sopping village in Bari.

Mercatone Uno had the final goal of breaking down costs due to the illumination of a 2.500 square meters area, while improving the quality of light, the presentation of the exposed goods and their customers comfort.

Carecaled used LED technology lamps allowing energy savings over 50%, that means over 220.000 KWh per year: the achieved result is highly considerable both in terms of lower costs and reduced environmental impact.

430 HB1 LED ceiling lights have been installed in the store, with a color temperature of 4.000 K. This allowed to provide a neutral light fit for preserving the natural colors and the visibility of the goods. LED technology lamps do not emit UVA and UVB rays and compared to traditional technologies not contain mercury, lead and other highly polluting heavy metals.

The lighting system realized by Carecaled allows to save a high amount of emitted CO2 and costs saving for more than 150,000 euros over the initial investment in only 5 years.