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Installation football field
Project name Football field in Reggio Emilia
Buyer Polisportiva Galileo
Type of lamps ZeligHT
In co-operation with Unieco Sport Spa, Taddei Pali srl and Tirelli Masini snc, Carecaled realized the lighting system for the football training field, Polisportiva Galileo in Reggio Emilia.

The system has been designed to provide players with the best ground illumination in terms of quality and uniformity, allowing them to play in perfect light conditions. With almost 120Lux on the ground, higher than the minimum required for this type of activity, the field offers high playability standards.

On this field Carecaled installed 304 ZeligHT LED modules, distributed on 4 x 18.50 meters poles, for a total consumption of just 8.200 watts per pole, nearly 50% less if we compare it with a traditional lighting system, which, for similar performances, would require up to 16.000 watts.

The average light is 117.5 Lux with uniformity greater than 0.95 (Emed-Emin). The 220V power supply have been placed at the bottom of the poles for easier access. The upper sides of the poles has been powered with low voltage.