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Project Specifications

Project presentation

Installation Dominique
Project name Shop Dominique in Forlì
Buyer Dominique
Type of lamps BR40

Dominique, a well renown fashion shop in Forlì, has chosen Carecaled LED spotlights to reduce considerably the premises power consumption and to improve light quality granting the shop a better garments exposition.

The previous lighting system, composed of 100W halogen spotlights, has been replaced with the equivalent number of BR40 LED spotlights, warm white emission, to produce the same light quantity but consume only 15W.

Amongst the many advantages of LED technology we count long lasting, low maintenance costs and an annual saving of 700€ (calculation based on: 15 spotlight working 10 hours per day, 300 days per year at 0.18€ KWh).

The spotlights were easy to replace and no additional works were necessary.