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Project Specifications

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Installation of rugby field
Project name Rugby field
Client CUS Pisa
Type of lamps ZeligHT-24 Modular System

The University Sports Centre of Pisa recently opened (2013) a new rugby field added to the list of sports facilities already present within its structure. Carecaled oversaw the design and construction of the lighting system for the entire area of the playing field, 120m long and 71m wide.

To illuminate the considerable width of the land, have been used four towers located at the corners of the field, with the lamps positioned at 20m height to allow a full coverage thanks to differentiated optics.

To best meet expectations, Carecaled has chosen to use the ZeligHT-24 LED technology module, a very versatile system that optimizes energy consumption according to effective need of the activity. In this case 464 ZHT-24 LED modules were used, an innovative lamp that ensures the highest level of efficiency with a consumption of only 51,5W. To ensure better uniformity and glare control, Carecaled has chosen to use different optics.

The results obtained are higher than expectations for a total energy consumption of only 24,000 W, a surprising data for a plant of this size. The measured average illumination is higher than 230 lux, with a uniformity ratio of 0.65 (Emed / Emin).