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Installation parking area Les Corbeilles
Project name Parking area Les Corbeilles in Aosta
Buyer Società Energetica Aostana
Type of lamps ZHT4
Aosta's energy company, Società Energetica Aostana was asked to optimize the energy consumption within the area managed by "Società Autoporto", amongst the different activities it was decided to choose LED technology in order to cut down lighting costs.

One of the main operations was the design of a LED technology lighting system for the covered parking in Les Corbeilles shopping mall. This type of installation is considered among the first in Europe.

The ZHT4 LED lamp was chosen to realize this project because of its flexibility and because it is easy to install; moreover the ZHT4 has a great resistance at very low temperatures and a very even light flow, extremely important feature for safe driving.

The lighting design was made of 100 ZHT4 LED lamps, to replace the previous 181 traditional lamps. The system achieved the final goal of obtaining a power consumption of less than 12 KW and an energy saving of more than 50%; besides the average illumination at ground was superior to 75 lux, compared to 30 lux of previous system. The lamps are also dimmable, permitting an extra 25% of energy saving: the intensity of light may be adjusted on real needs, such as reducing it during the night or when the mall is closed.