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Installation Les Corbeilles shopping mall
Project name Les Corbeilles shopping mall in Aosta
Buyer Società Energetica Aostana
Type of lamps Confort11, ZeligHT
Aosta's energy company, Società Energetica Aostana has been asked to optimize energy consumption of the area managed by the Company Autoporto, and amongst the different activities it was decided to cut down lighting costs by choosing LED technology. A very important operation was carried out in Les Corbeilles shopping mall, a complex that houses several companies and shops.

In this case the goal was to reduce energy consumption and relative costs while maintaining lighting comfort and scenographic effect while conferring the adequate emphasis on shop windows facing out on to the gallery.

To illuminate the arcade they chose Carecaled Confort 11 for its high Colour Rendering Index (CRI 94) and comfortable colour temperature (3700 k). These lamps have substituted the equivalent number of 2 x 14W CFL spotlights, reducing consumption by more than 60% and improving the overall colour rendering and creating a more lively atmosphere.

75 ZeligHT were chose to replace 75 halogen floodlights to illuminate the vast glass ceiling, here again, besides reaching a power saving of over 65% they were able to create a spectacular light effect.

Another remarkable advantage of LED technology is its long life span, 50,000 hours, over 15 years in this particular application. This will allow to cut down maintaining, replacement and disposal costs.

Moreover LED technology does not contain mercury, lead and other highly polluting heavy metals, has a positive energy balance and helps to improve the efficiency of lighting systems, reducing energy consumption and pollution linked to it. The lamps do not emit UVA and UVB rays and produce very little heat.