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Project Specifications

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Installation Casalgrande
Project name Double roundabout in Casalgrande
Buyer Municipality of Casalgrande
Type of lamps G1
In 2008 Carecaled was required to illuminate a double roundabout on the main road N51 in Casalgrande Municipality (RE). The project required the realization of a new solution, in full compliance with the current regulations, with the aim of achieving significant energy saving both in terms of reduced power consumption and maintenance costs.

For this installation Carecaled chose 13 180W G1 street lamps installed on 10mt high standard poles, achieving excellent luminance and full visual comfort. If we’d consider the use of traditional technologies we would have needed 5,000Wh, while with Carecaled’s G1 lamps we can estimate to have saved approximately 1600€ per year.

In terms of maintenance we must underline that a traditional system would have probably required the replacement of some lamps after 15/18 months of life. Carecaled's G1 lamps have a life expectancy of more than 50,000 hours, which translated into the current application means about 11 years of working life without maintenance need.