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Installation Antiche Mura
Project name Restaurant Antiche Mura in Scandiano
Buyer Antiche Mura
Type of lamps E27 7W
The new light installation at the Antiche Mura restaurant had the purpose of reducing lighting and maintenance costs while keeping the original light design.

40 E27 7W Carecaled light bulbs replaced the 40 75W traditional halogen bulbs installed, with an immediate 93% reduction of power consumption.

Fully satisfied, the owner not only improved the restaurant brightness but also achieved an annual saving of more than 1650€ (calculation based on: 40 light fixtures working 10 hours per day, 300 days per year at 0.18€ KWh).

E27 7W bulbs guarantee low power consumption, wide light beam, efficient light dissipation, more than 40,000 hours life cycle, unlimited switch on/off and no switch on waiting time.